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Be inspired at work and at ease when you're not. The UK's home for scientists, entrepreneurs, and innovators is in the heart of the countryside
Group of smartly dressed young business men and women walking in the Milton Park innovation centre Milton Park Innovation Centre

Everything thrives in the right environment – your business, your professional networks, your social life. When you bring people, ideas, and technology together, connections and collaborations spark … opportunities multiply … the unexpected happens.


That thirst for the new is what makes Science Vale tick. Scientists, innovators, and entrepreneurs come here to share in our world-leading concentration of research facilities and development activities. This lively and imaginative community has transformed Science Vale into one of Europe’s most successful and competitive science hot-spots.

Southern Oxfordshire’s garden of discovery
There’s nowhere else like Science Vale. This region of fresh air and free-thinking contains two of the UK’s leading big-science research centres (Culham and Harwell). Strategically located midway between the M4 and Oxford (home to the world’s number-one ranked university), the region extends into the North Wessex Downs area of outstanding natural beauty.

Science Vale encourages you to think big and to run free – to let your business, your family, and your social life flourish.

Come and join us. If you’re as hungry as we are to do things differently, the opportunities are limitless.

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