Didcot Garden Town

Didcot Garden Town - the greening of the town at the heart of Science Vale. As Didcot grows, so will its green credentials: the garden town concept brings green technology to every aspect of urban life. The greening of Didcot encourages developments that are human and more sustainable, supported by funds from central government.
Didcot Garden Town aerial view, showing housing developments and green countryside

Didcot won its garden town status in 2015. The award is an acknowledgement of Didcot’s potential to be an even better place to live, and its ability to attract a new generation of residents in search of a better lifestyle.

A garden town is somewhere that’s more sustainable. It draws on cleaner sources of energy and uses technology to develop smart homes and roads. It provides schools, jobs, affordable housing, and open spaces within a spacious, green environment. There are trees, parks, gardens, allotments, footpaths, and cycle routes. A garden town is the antidote to the pressures of modern living.


A vision for a confident and innovative town

We are now establishing a vision for the town through a community engagement process. The results will feed into a master plan for Didcot, which will go out for consultation in 2017. It will set the tone for all future developments up to 2031.

The vision is to be:

  • Confident and creative – an active vibrant centre, public art, festivals, and events
  • Connecting – bringing together science and green living in a multitude of ways
  • Innovation-rich – creating a seed-bed for 21st-century living
  • Evolving – a place that invites communities to participate in its story

Many of the 15,000 homes we’ve planned for Science Vale will be in Didcot. Our garden town status ensures that developments and traffic flow better through an integrated local transport system and better connections within the town. The garden town also brings in government funding to support developments that meet the needs of Didcot people.


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